What is Shortsaleopedia?
Shortsaleopedia is the largest public facing Q&A internet site dedicated to helping homeowners get answers regarding short sales.  Short sales have become one of the largest segments of real estate transactions in the United States, and the processing of successfully negotiating a short sale is complex and convoluted.  Shortsaleopedia helps solve that problem by providing knowledge and connecting homeowners to expert short sale real estate agents in their community.

Are there any costs associated to using Shortsaleopedia?
No.  The site is free to browse and free to post questions.  If you seek expert advice, then we can connect you to a vetted expert in your community to help list your home and negotiate the short sale.

What are the certification criteria to become a real estate agent member of Shortsaleopedia?
To be a real estate agent or broker in the Shortsaleopedia network, you must possess an advanced degree from an accredited University or possess exceptional knowledge of the short sale process and negotiating techniques.  This means our real estate members have earned their Juris Doctorate, Master’s Degree, CRS, or CDPE.  Our network consists of the short sale experts.  Additionally, we communicate amongst ourselves to provide best practices and inside knowledge of specific bank procedures.  Nowhere else can you find a network of the best short sale negotiators in the country.

What is like to attend a Shortsaleopedia event?
We understand that you are facing a financial hardship and that providing confidential financial information via the internet is difficult.  Therefore, we have established a process where homeowners can get to know their experts at a face to face meeting.  The events that Shortsaleopedia hosts are informational in tone.  We are here to help you un-code the complex process and help you identify what is the best solution for your particular issue.  At these meetings, you will get tons of information about the process, the consequences, and how to take the next steps to solve your problem.  Under no circumstance are we selling you anything.  We will provide you information and you can decide what to do with it.

I want to list my house for a short sale, what do I do next?
If you are ready to take the next steps to resolve your financial hardship and list your home for a short sale, click here to begin the process.  We typically will review your information within 2-4 hours and will be in contact with you soon.

How do I add my picture to my profile on Shortsaleopedia?
We use a 3rd party service called Gravatar for the photos on our user profiles. Simply create an account on that service with the same email that you used in signing up for your account here and follow their upload wizard to add a photo. It takes about 1min and will have the added benefit that your photo will appear on various other sites where you have a profile.

Why work with us?
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