What is required from the borrower (seller) to complete a short sale?


What is required from the borrower (seller) to complete a short sale?

asked July 23, 2011

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All of the documentation needed to start a short sale is commonly called a “Short Sale Package” and is usually submitted by the investor interested in the property, the agent representing the seller, or the seller of the property. The package usually includes the following items:

Sample Short Sale Package (items may vary depending upon the lender):

  • Authorization to release Information
  • Sellers hardship letter plus supporting documentation
  • Seller’s financial information – this is usually a bank specific document
  • 2 years tax returns
  • 2 months pay stubs
  • 2 months bank statements
  • Repair estimates on property
  • Comparable sales
  • Sale contract
  • Estimated HUD statement
  • Mortgage statements for all liens
  • Listing agreement

The best strategy in successfully completing a short sale is to be prepared in advance. Supplying all of this documentation up front makes the short sale process easier and more likely to be successful.


You can download most bank short sale packages on – here is the link:


A Hardship to qualify for a short sale, the lender required documentation and an experienced short sale realtor who has experience closing short sales.


A complete Seller Package as described by others above. It’s critical to be complete and accurate – unless the objective is to become one of the short sales that don’t happen due to incomplete Seller Packages.

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